Science & Technology 12

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Science & Technology 12

1. Why do we get sleep in the night?

From our body heat is liberated during night. Our body cools down. So we get sleep. In day time also if the temperature is less than our body temperature, we get sleep. This happens in an a/c room.

2. Why Ganesh Nimajjanam?

Actually Ganesh was brought on to the road by Tilak. During freedom struggle, the leaders in order to speak to the public, that was a technique they followed. For nine days, the god was worshipped. Whenever the leaders got chance to speak to the public, they came to the tent and talked to them. Then the idols were put into the water. There was a purpose for this. But today it has become a business. Lakhs of rupees were collected on the name of chanda, spend a little amount and rest is swallowed.

3. Chatapathi Utsavam

The same concept of Ganesh nimajjanam was taken in Maharashtra. The concept was same. There it is Ganesh, in Maharashtra it is Shivaji.

4. Veerabhrahmam told many things that are going to happen. Is he a god?

There are people who can predict things that are going to happen. It is a gift of nature. It does not mean they are gods.
1. A cowherd told Alexander that he is going to occupy a large area. Secondly he would be dying in a foreign land.
2. Nepolean lost job and was roaming in the streets of Paris. One friend took him to a astrologer and got a question answered. Later he asked what would be the fate of his friend Nepolen? The astrologer said,
a. He is going to become the Emperor of this Paris.
b. He is going to marry a woman who was widow and was elder than him.
3. Nostradamus said that there would be wars in 1914-18 and 1935-45.
a. The destruction would be such that it was never imagined before.
All these are not gods. But we donot know why some people have this gift of nature.

5. How to measure the weight of a planet

The circumference of Earth is 50,000 kms.
C=2 π r = 50,000, 000, 00 centimetres
r = 5 x 107/2 π

Volume of Earth = 4/3 x π x r3
V = 4/3 x π x [5 x 109/2 π]3 cc

V = 4/3 x π x 5 x 109/2 π x 5 x 109/2 π x 5 x 109/2 π cc

If 1 cc = 2 gms

M = V x 2 gms

W = mg = V x 2 x 980 gms

W = 4/3 x π x 5 x 109/2 π x 5 x 109/2 π x 5 x 109/2 π x 2 x 980 gms

How do we know that planet is rotating left or right?

Actually there is no left or right in space. This left and right concept is relative. It is seen only on the Earth.

6. How to send photos from space to earth?

This system is called wireless facsimile. The photo taken by a camera is converted into em wave and sent to earthy. Here on this earth it is converted into light wave and print outs are taken.

7. How does a satellite get energy to function in the space?

It gets Solar energy for its functioning from the solar panels fitted on it.

8. When we stop a vehicle suddenly while travelling very fast, it stops but turns down. Why?

While travelling very fast, if we apply brake it stops. At the same time we can not move it forward because the brake is struck up in the chamber with getting released immediately. That is why the vehicle turns down.

9. If somebody is under the ice he won’t die. Why?

If a man is crushed by an avalanche and submerged he won’t die fast. He can live for atleast for an hour. It is because the snow dust has small holes from where he can get air to breathe.
Secondly as the climate is cool to survive he needs less carbohydrates to live which enhances its consumption time and life time.
Thirdly he gets enough energy to keep the pulse beat.

10. What are the uses of Bio-Engineering?

1. We can eliminate unwanted parts.
2. During copulation weak male sperm cells can be eliminated.
3. Selection of male/female.
4. New changes can be brought into this world.
Eg., tiger + leopard’s combination
Eg., hair elimination or development
Eg., enrichment of intelligence

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