Hinduism – Science

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Hinduism – Science

1] Genetic Transfer

In the olden days during the time of marriage, the elders from bride’s side and bridegroom’s side verify for seven generation to see whether anybody has chronic diseases. Especially like leprosy, diabetes, hysnophelia, TB, etc. The believed that if not in one generation, the gene that carries any disease can be transferred to the next generations. Generally a generation means 50 years. So for 7 generations, means 7 x 50 = 350 years, that particular disease can be transferred. In recent studies, it is proved genetically that in 350 years, those symptoms can be transferred. This activation is done in which generation is not known. The gene may be mild for few generations and gets activated when suitable conditions are prevalent in the body.
How could the old people predict these things?

2. E. S. P. [Extra Sensory Perception]

Extra Sensory Perception which means the ability of man to see, to understand, to forecast, etc. of future.
Actually these things happened thousands of years of back. ESP is a new concept.
The various types of ESP concepts are
1. Sanjaya telling Dhrutarashtra the entire Kurukshetra proceedings from the palace. This ways of telling the running commentary on war is really wonderful.
2. Anajneya could see Bheema coming towards him in the forest.
3. How could Pandavas gave challenges at the time of chess, what they would be doing in the war.
4. How could Krishana warned Duryodhana that no one would be coming to his rescue, when he would be losing the war.
5. The destruction that a brahmastra could cause, which is similar to H-Bomb.
6. Time reversal theory which was proposed by Einstein was imagined thousands of years back.
7. How could they say manas is not a part of our body. It is because of buddhi that it takes birth.
8. In those days there was no postal system. Just by saying which is called sankalpa maatrena Rama sent message to all when he wanted to do aswamedha yaagam.
9. When Adi Shankara’s mother remembered him, he instantly appeared before her.

3] Telepathy

Telepathy is a branch of Extra Sensory Perception. It is a recent study. It is still in experimental stage in Oxford University.
How can those primitive people use this technique for various uses?

Eg.1 Kurukshetra
Kurukshetra was took place for 18 days. Dhrutarashtra was blind. He could not go to the battle field. So Sanjaya explained the entire process and proceedings of the war to the King sitting in the palace.
How could he see the entire war?
How could he give the commentary?
How could those primitive people visualise telepathy?

Eg. 2 Gnana Netram
When Krishna showed Viswaroopam, Arjuna could not see it. Then Krishna gave him gnana netram so that he could see the entire Viswaroopam. What is this concept of gnana netram? How could they imagine this branch Extra Sensory Perception in those days?

3. Time Reversal Theory

Ch. 8 Slokam 17

Sahasra yuga paryantam maharyad brahmano vidhu:
Raatri yuga sahasraantam tejo raatra vido jana:

In this time reversal theory was explained.

Sahasra yuga paryantam = for one thousand yugaas
Aha: = day
Yath = which
Brahman: = of Brahman
Viduh = imagine
Rastri = during night
Yuga sasraantam = which can complete in 1000 yugas
The = that
Ahoraathrah: = night like day
Viduh: = people known
Janaah: = people

Day and nights of the planets vary from planet to planet.
Brahma’s one day is ours satya, treat, dwapara, and kali yugas.
Satya = 17, 28, 000 years
Treat = 12, 96, 000 years
Dwapara = 8, 64, 000 years
Kali = 4, 42, 000 years
43, 30, 000 years

This type of 100 days of Brahma is equal to 1 second to Maha Vishnu.
How could they calculate such fantastic ‘times’?
The present “Time” system we made it recently but in those days, How?
It gained its prominence only after Einstein’s “Time Reversal Theory”.
In what sphere the Gods have been residing?

In 1900 Einstein said the “Timer Reversal Theory”.
How could those people, thousands of years ago could imagine Timer Reversal Theory.
To prove Einstein’s Timer Reversal Theory people could understand only after 60 years when Concorde, an aircraft came in to existence.

1] Concorde travels at 2500 kmph.
The rotational speed of the Earth is 1600 Kmph. It takes one day, that means 24 hours to complete one rotation. Then it enters into another day.
If we travel in any aircraft, to go to USA, it may take two days.

But if we travel in Concorde at 2500 Kmph, it makes the rotational speed of the Earth is slower than the speed of Concorde. The Sun rays falling on the Earth takes 12 hours to go from one place to another.

For example take Wednesday. On that day, in the afternoon if we start to go to USA travelling in Concorde we reach America on the same day in the morning. That means before sun rays could reach America, the plane goes to America. It was impossible to believe before 1960 AD.

India to America 3000 + 5000 Kms = 8000 kms
Concorde travels at 2500 Kmph.
Let us break 2500 Kms = 1600 [rotational speed of the Earth] + 900 kms [faster] 8000 kms = 900 + 900 + 900 + … nearly 9 times. [900 X 9 = 8100 kms] It amounts to 9 hours behind of the schedule. This is called time going back.

That means if we take lunch at 1:00 PM on Wednesday and go to America in Concorde we may reach America at 4 AM on the same day!

If we travel in Jumbo Jet, which travel at 850 kmph then we reach America on

8000 / 850 = nearly 10 times
With small breaks, intervals it takes 18 hours.
That means if we take lunch at 1:00 PM on Wednesday and go to America in Jumbo Jet we may reach America on Thursday evening 6 PM.

2] Once a girl, studying 9th class asked Einstein, what was called theory of relativity?
What answer could he say to that girl.
He said, if a sixteen years boy sits with a sixteen years girl for 4 hours then those 4 hours would be completed in 4 minutes.
If the same sixteen years boy sits with an 80 years old woman, four hours would be like four years.
This is called Theory of Relativity.

3] Einstein said that everything is relative. There is nothing like absolute truth.

4] The day and nights and even years vary from planet to planet. Which is correct? We don’t know.

Eg., the Escape velocities
Sun 617.7 Kms/sec
Mercury 4.25 Kms/sec
Venus 10.46 Kms/sec
Earth 11.186 Kms/sec
Moon 2.38 Kms/sec
Mars 5.027 Kms/sec
Jupiter 59.5 Kms/sec
Saturn 35.5 Kms/sec
Uranus 21.3 Kms/sec
Neptune 23.5 Kms/sec
Pluto 1.27 Kms/sec
Solar system 1000 Kms/sec

Similarly the day, the night, the year etc of all the planets vary because theirs rotational speed and revolution speeds vary.

5] The details of whom we speak may belong to other planets of other solar systems. These many variations on one planet cannot be possible. That means somebody might have visited the Earth long back.

Unless there is such and such exits man’s imagination does not imagine. Even if some have extraordinary knowledge, they may go to few generations ahead than the present but thinking ahead of centuries is impossible. But it happened.
1. Einstein’s time reversal theory,
2. Nostradamus’s future predictions,
3. Veerabhmam’s kaala gnaanam,
4. A woman who predicted that Alexander would do such things,

4. Virgin Birth Concept

In those days there was no communication system as if today we have. How different authors could imagine the same virgin birth concept ?
1. Mary giving virgin birth to Jesus.
2. Kunti giving virgin birth to Karna,
3. A pharos queen could give virgin birth to Moses.
The sons, who were born, were great.

5. Learning from mother’s womb

Recently one programme in Discovery made me to write this.
How the ancestors could know how whatever is heard by a pregnant women could be understood by the baby in side? When Arjuna was telling his pregnant wife Subhadra, how to enter padma vyuham in Kurukshetra was recorded in the brain of the unborn baby. That baby, who was then born, was Abhimanyu. When he grew up he came to the war field and entered the vyuham surprising all. He could hear only entering the vyuham.
Actually it is a new concept.

6. Incubator

In Mahabharata, Gandhari gave birth to 100 children by forcefully banging the womb. After she placed them in 100 pots where they grew up.
Today if a baby is born in seventh or eighth month that baby is placed in incubator upto 9th month.

These are only a few to mention. It was said Kurukshetra war was nothing but world war. In this everything was destroyed. The civilization started once again.

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