Fail Big

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Fail Big

If we melt gold and purify it any number of times, it always comes out with greater shining.
One day the door sill asked the idol in a temple;
DS you are made of stone, and I am also made of stone. Then why people worship you, and
Kick me while going?
Idol the sculptor has striked at least 1000 times only to carve my one eye.
Like that for each part of mine, I could withstand lakhs of blows.
With only two or three blows are made.

Suffering is gift of god to make us more perfect. Every failure teaches us something that we are weak at such and such point. If we have wisdom, we rectify our faults and go head. That brings us success.

When we fail big,
1. Weak people go for suicide or
2. Drink heavily to forget things or
3. May become mad but
Strong people learn lessons for the next striking.

Eg., Mao , who fought against 7 imperialistic countries learnt a lot in his famous “long march” and retaliated effectively. At last they won.
Abraham Lincoln, failed 10 times. In the eleventh time he became the President of USA.


Even if you fail, fail big.
You can fail in the highest level.
So that you can win greatest. Try!

Generally why people fail?
SYSTEM : It is not knowing the system. An entrepreneur develops system before launching the a product/

The range of big people and small will be different.
Range of understanding will not come birth. It should acquired being the company such great people.
How you talk with a labour in the same way can you speak to a collector?
While speaking to a doctor, the Chief Minister, the Prime Minister, a great social worker like Anna Hazare,…. You have to change yourself, mould yourself, tune body language in that range.
Being in Khammam you cannot imagine the range of Bombay. To know the speed of Bombay, you have to reside in Bombay. But a man of Bombay can easily tackle the problems of Khammam range but Khammam wala cannot tackle the problems of Bombay.
Eg., Indira Gandhi, when she was 8 years old remained with Gandhi, and other freedom fighters and understood the psychology of people. When she became a leader she played well. She dic-tated terms. She delegated.

A mosquito cannot understand the strength, the striking power of a lion. If try to tell or make mosquito to understand the power of a lion, the mosquito says that such and such thing can-not exit.
All it knows is its own world of mosquitoes
In a seat where a lion should sit, if you place a cow and ask it to roar like a lion, threaten other animals like a lion, administer the forest like a lion,…, will it be possible.
Eg., Kiran kumar Reddy becoming CM.

System is more important for any institution, organisation, industry….

Know What You Want
You go to a railway station and ask for a ticket.
The station master will ask you “where you want to go?”
If you say, ”what concern do you have ? I go anywhere. It is my will and wish.”
Then what can the station master do?
If he intelligent he will issue to “platform ticket”.
So you remain wherever you are.

Similarly we have been living, enjoying the things, producing children, acquiring properties,….
But what is the main purpose of this life?
We cannot say. Each one has to decide for himself for what he wants.

When a male unites with a woman at least 10,00,000 sperms are released in one ejacula-tion. But among them one is enough to fertilise the ovum. Whoever is in this world, he/she is al-ready won race to reach the ovum, that is why he/she is in this world. That means 9,99,999 sperms are eliminated by you so that you could win. That means you are already victorious.

Think coolly and understand what is the purpose of your life. Mark that and dedicate your life to that single cause.

Eg., Gandhiji freedom to India
Lincoln abolishing slavery
Alexander conquering the world

Move In Those Circles
It is not necessary that we should know everything of this world. So we should learn from others. Exchange of knowledge, experience etc., can only make us to move ahead in our lives. In this way we can more things practically being among the people.

If need be, work for them time to know the system.
Some people won’t teach us so easily. They feel that they have learnt things after a great struggle. So why to teach someone so easily. Why to disclose the secrets? In that case learn things working for them.
Eg., Ramanuja, the founder of Vishistadwaitam went to a guru to learn Vedantam. The guru said that he was a sudra, so he couldnot learn vedantam. Then Ramanuja requested the guru to allow him to work in his house. Thus he learnt and became founder of Vishistadwaitam.

Do everything of this world as a business.

Swamijis doing business – books, cassettes, CDs, magazines, talisman, …
They sell even bhakti. Ayyappa 100 crores, Tirupathi 1000 crores business,…

All our gods loot our money, they won’t give us anything.
For every type of character, there is a god.
He who is interested in money Laxmi
He who is interested in physique Hanuma
He who is interested in sex Manmada
He who is interested in Jnana Krishna
…… likewise we have 33 crore gods.

Sex is an art. It takes hardly three or four minutes to a gent to get satisfaction. But for a woman more than half-an-hour. As this is not understood by many gents, they do this sacred act casually. She gets irritation.


Don’t run after paruvu, run after worth

Don’t blame others, but you, yourself

Deal thing with mind, not with heart.

Delegate things as per skills

Do service with heart

Brint heart only incase of parents, service

If don’t understand give a chance and test it

Size important idly bandi

Face value

Never change any body

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