Why can’t we develop?

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Why can’t we develop?

Development is very much essential for the uplift of man. Life becomes boring if we don’t enrich ourselves.
Development gives us encouragement, strength, thirst to learn, zeal to live and many more.

The statement said is not 100% true. It refers to maximum number of people.
We don’t allow ourselves to develop. Because the training given by our parents, teachers, society, etc. We develop ourselves our own negative or positive attitudes by the influence of our elders. That is why in India if we say our caste the listener can, to some extent, guess our psychology. That is the impact.

Time is fast changing. Beliefs, attitudes, temperaments, etc. are drastically changing. We changed our transportation from bullock cart to airplane. We advanced Pigeon to cell phone in communication system. In science technology we reached to satellite communication. All these changes are taking place externally, but internally we have been the same old primitiveness.

The world is having a lot of wealth. The earth is having immense quantities of resources. Still we opt for deceiving our own people. We thieve. We exploit our own innocent people. Actually we neednot deceive our own people. Among people the rule of the jungle is still continuing. Is it progress? Is it development?

The people are not psychologically changed. The parents should change their children. They have no time. Actually they don’t know what is change? The children are not changed by the teachers. The youth is not changed by the politicians. The religious leaders are not changing their bhaktas. It is a type of fish rule. A small fish is eaten by a big fish. The big fish by another bigger fish. And so on. It is a chain reaction.

The education system is a great failure. It is making children, scientists or clerks or somebody else but not a human being. How to be a human being is not taught in the class room. The strong deceives the weak. As per rule of the law, it is OK. But as a human being it is a great failure.

The political leaders exploit the people of this country. They are interested in votes. They want to come to power. They are the best no-changers. They are the leaders. Instead of changing the system they too cry. They cry for their inability. They are not the original thinkers like Mao, Ho Chi Min, Fidel Castro etc.. It is because they are also a part of this system. They are also pieces from the same cloth. When they have no power they said that they could not do anything. After gaining power also they are helpless.

We cannot develop ourselves. We cannot allow others to develop us. When they are not in power, something is incorrect. After gaining power the same thing became correct.

There is a silly expectation. If we worship like this we will be benefited. This concept only is making us millions of hours of time, billions of rupees, tons of blind beliefs, and making ourselves most stupid people in the world.

Every temple is a business. We have daily gods, seasonal gods, monthly gods, yearly gods to exploit us. Whether god has done anything to us or not, it is we who have been nourishing all these. Americans won’t worship Laxmi but they are still billionaires. People of Kuwait, Dubai are not worshipping Laxmi but they are still billionaires. Why?

As Vivekananda said by birth the Sanaatana are bhaktas. They need not be more religious, more idealists etc. The piousness is in our blood. We never occupied any body’s kingdom, never made people slaves, never dropped A-bombs on human beings, …. We are god loving, dharma loving, peace loving, people in the world. We can never become terrorists.
Then why no god is helping us to become great and our nation a great nation.

There are channels which spread out this foolishness. We have so many bhakti channels we cannot oppose the enemy who has been invading us.

What else is needed for us to become great.

We know the facts but we never develop ourselves. We apply logic to very little things. We check vegetables whether they are good, fresh, and cheap. But before producing a child we never think logically what can we give to the child when he grows up. We cannot educate him, we cannot give him property, we cannot get him a govt. job, still aimlessly we produce a child. We leave him to his fate. If he earns, we demand him that it is his duty to feed us. We so selfish we don’t sow seed but expect harvest from the field.

External world is fast developing because of science and technology. But mentally we are primitive. We don’t believe ourselves. That is why lakhs of lawyers have been working. Advertisements are spreading ill-health food. That is why hundreds of doctors working for us. We have been developing in science and technology. That is why we are using hybrid food, terminator seeds causing new new diseases. For some diseases the causes are not known. Only trial and error method of diagnosing is prevalent.

We are most intelligent people. That is we throw waste and garbage in other countries. The leaders accept money and do anything that destroy us. They act as if there may not be next generation. As Louis IV said after him only delusion.

We cannot develop ourselves.
The politicians won’t develop us.
The Officials won’t develop us.
The gods won’t develop us.
Then who will develop us?
Should it go like this forever?

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