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System can be anything. It can be a house, a company, an organisation, doing a work, a game, etc.
To run any system it needs rules and regulations.
In India rules are there but not regulated properly.
The society is having so much of disturbance because of the failure of the system.
More than 1,00,000 industries were closed down because they were not regulated properly. Rules are there but they are there as simply words.

Why does a system fail?
1. The leader does not know all the angles of the system, the value of those branches etc.,
Eg., President of the USA
The President of USA appoints experts to rule his administration. They are not the MPs. Each department is headed by an expert in his branch of study.
2. Some do not know everything of this world. Then how can they manage? Their technique is employing someone who knows everything or more experts.
Eg. Akbar.
Akbar was an illiterate but when he knows how to get the things done. He was guided by Bairam Khan whom we can call consiglieri. He appointed experts in his court. He appointed Raja Todarmal as his finance minister. He appointed Raja Mansingh as his commander-in-chief. He realised that without the help of the Rajputs ruling could be very difficult.
3. No control over money.
Once landlords have become fakirs now. It is because their parents, without training them, handed them over with a lot wealth. So in some cases in the second generation mostly the wealth is collapsed. In some other cases during their own tenure only the wealth is collapsed.
The king of Japan married his steno. She was from a middle class woman. So nearly two crores were spent to train her so that she could be in Rajmahal.
In the case of England, Diana who had no such training failed.
4. Vision : One cannot imagine ahead or have vision. His seniors should train him.
In the case of Dheeru Bai Ambani, he trained his sons and then only handed over the wealth to the next generation.
Sri Krishna Deva Raya was well trained by Appaji.
5. Time Management is the primary thing either in collapsing or rising.
Gandhiji used to maintain time. Everything had its own order.
Tata was very specific in maintaining time.
6. Jealousness Duryodhana. The system collapsed because of his jealousness’. It was a single man’s show.
7. Biasedness. Aurngajeb’s Biasedness only led to his bad name and collapse.
Hitler’s Biasedness towards Aryans led to World War II.
8. Overestimation
9. Underestimation
10. Not following the advice of the experts.
11. Greediness. Mohammad Gazini’s greediness of wealth led to 17 attacks by the Muslims on India.
12. Hatredness. Hitler’s hatredness towards Jews led to genocide. 60 lakh people were brutally murdered.
13. Purposeless Vision.
Alexander’s vision to conquer the world, led to the death of millions. He could not establish any empire. He could not rule.
Chegiz Khan’a vision to loot the world led to the death of two crore people. He conquered two third world, but achieved nothing.
14. What Next. Some people donot have vision of having what next.
Employees do have a desire to have a job, wife, children.. then what next. That is why most of the people go for taking alcohol, playing cards, betting, women, etc. that is why their family system fail.
15. China got independence two years later than us.
Every household has become an industry.
They their people in such a way, it can only produce any at so low price than any other country in the world.
Rs. 150/- a bicycle. Rs. 15/- per Kg of Chilli,
Even Japan sends gold to China for purification.
This country stands for larger production, at low price rate.
16. India.
It failed because the govt. has no proper plan to human power to the development of the country.
Over production in some aspects.
Under production in some aspects.
No patriotic feelings among the people. That is why Pakistan invaded India four times. Now it is entering India in the form of terrorism.
Time needed is enough in days could not be solved in years.
We deceive our own people.
We collapse ourselves. KCR spending money for Batakamma, Sammakka, Godavari pushkaralu,…
People are not educated properly. Actually it is the largest manufacturer of educated people in the world. But the quality of education is also very low.
Whatever we do depends on politics. Politically oriented plans but not nation building plans are the causes of collapse.
Gandhi fought for 30 years to send away the English.
Indira Gandhi fought for 14 years to be Indian and buy Indian.
The other PMs are now inviting foreigners to loot India paving red carpet to welcome them
Population explosion cannot be controlled. Its side effects are hundreds. Unemployment, no jobs, exploitation, pollution, price control cannot be done, etc.
It is a large country of agriculture with low production and 75% of depending on that.
Problems are never solved completely. There is no “what next?” concept.
17. Political parties. Whichever party comes to power is ignoring the welfare of the common people. So it collapsed.

To run any system correctly the organisers should,
1. Should follow “Dharmam”
2. Should follow job oriented plans
3. Quality of the items produced
4. Welfare economics

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