Religion – Basic

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Religion – Basic

Holy Books

1. Holy book of the Hindus Vedas
2. Holy book of the Muslims Qoran
3. Holy book of the Christians New Testament
4. Holy book of the Jews Bible/Torah
5. Holy book of the Sikhs Guru Grandha Saheb
6. Holy book of the Parsees Zend Avestha
7. Holy book of the Buddhism Tripitakas
8. Holy book of the Jains Angas
9. Holy book of the Taoism
10. Holy book of the Shintoism


1. The temple of the Hindus Devalayam
2. The temple of the Muslims Masjid
3. The temple of the Christians Church
4. The temple of the Jews Synagoge
5. The temple of the Sikhs Guru Dwara
6. The temple of the Parsees Fire Temple
7. The temple of the Buddhism Chaityam
8. The temple of the Jains
9. The temple of the

Common Names Of God

1. Almighty
2. Omni Present
3. Omniscient
4. Omnipotent
5. He
6. God


1. The God of the Hindus Thou art That
2. The God of the Christians Jesus
3. The God of the Muslims Allah
4. The God of the Jews Yehova
5. The God of the Sikhs Gurus
6. The God of the Parsees Sun
7. The God of the Buddhists Buddha
8. The God of the Jains Mahavira
9. The God of the Shintoists own parents

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