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Why can’t we develop?
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Why can’t we develop? Development is very much essential for the uplift of man. Life becomes boring if we don’t enrich ourselves. Development gives us encouragement, strength, thirst to learn, zeal to live... Read More

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System System can be anything. It can be a house, a company, an organisation, doing a work, a game, etc. To run any system it needs rules and regulations. In India rules are... Read More

Many to One
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Many to One There are many waves in an ocean, but ocean is same. There are many bubbles in a river but the river is one. Water forms into clouds. Clouds go from... Read More

To acquire knowledge
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To acquire knowledge 1. L. S. R. W. skills 2. Questioning – question everything. 3. Net – is a great resource of knowledge 4. Speeches www.ted.com 5. www.Tor.com 6. Reading widely 7. Working... Read More


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Why customers are less loyal to a brand?Can you buy loyalty?  “why simply the best isn’t right” which surveyed over 40,000 customers across 20 countries, shows customer relationships have eroded even in traditionally sticky sectors such as auto, finance and … Read More


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  WHEREVER YOU ARE, YOU PROVE TO YOURSELF, THAT YOU ARE THE GREATEST.   It was said  by Swami Vivekananda.When I was in Navy, I helped people of all the departments. This comes because of our Logical thinking The sequence … Read More


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BREAKING  POINT Every man has a breaking point. It indicates his tolerance. Below that he remains cools, discusses things well, behaves very nicely, etc. Above that point he becomes mad. Feel tension. Tries to take revenge. Each man is a … Read More

Ch.2 Slokam 47

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Karmanye vaadhi kaaraste, maa phaleshu kadhachan Maa karma phala heturbhuh maa te sangosthwa karmani          In this world of drama each one is given an assignment. Everyone has to do his own duty. In that course we … Read More

Ch. 2 Slokam 27

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jaatasya hi dhruvo mruryardhuvam janma mrutasya ch tasmaada pari haaryerdhe na twam shochitumarhasi   Whoever is born has to die. Puttuta gittuta korake. We know this. Still we are mad to accumulate and live forever. The Pharaohs did the same. … Read More

Ch.2  Slokam13 

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  De’hi nosmin yada dehe’, kau maaram yavvanam jeraa Tadha dehaantara prapthihi dheerah sthatra na muhyati.   Human life is a continuous evolving process. Knowingly or unknowingly this process is an evolutionary process. It says that atma goes on eternally … Read More

Ch.2 Slokam 11

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Asochvaa navya sochastam, pragnaa vaadamsa bhaasha se Gataa soona gataa sooncha naanu sochanti panditah   Whomever you should never recollect, you are remembering them.You are not only recollecting them but also speaking on their behalf like a wise man.Wise people … Read More

Ch.2 Gita Saaram

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Tamu wacha hrushi kesa, prahasanniva bharatha   Hrushikesa laughed. He decided that at last Arjuna had come into his fold. He never got a chance to tell Arjuna about Gita. That was the best chance. It was the right time. … Read More

Ch. 1 Slokam 31

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Na  kaankshe  vijayam  krishnaa, na  charajyam  sukhaanichaa Kim  no  rayena  govinda,  kim  bhoghai  jeevitena  vaah   Arjuna came to the battle field. His intention was to eradicate all the enemies from Kurukshetra. He promised his armies and warriors that he … Read More

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