Introduction – Life

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Introduction – Life
Before you get 25 years of age, get a good qualification, or a skill, or wealth given by your parents. If not yours life will be waste.
You can enter into this world with talent or money or skills or experience.
Learn to earn.
If you have a definite aim, any number of failures cannot suppress you.
Every failure teaches you that you are weak in so and so direction.
Failure makes you perfect. Manly.
Actually what is your nature? Understand it and proceed further.
If you are pious, be away from the crowds.
Whenever you face with a problem, maintain silence and brood.
First your life, next your job, finally your dealing.
A common man has desires, but a great man has ambitions.
If you want to come up be away from ladies.
People are always ready to comment you. Never bother about them. They are like cheering party in a game.
You age but not yours thoughts.
Always take up one job at a time.
In India the leaders do feudal management.
In feudal management the desires are never satisfied. It is always fiscal.
People generally dominate you, suggest you, but nobody can understand you.
People see you negligently. Don’t care about them. Don’t try to win their heart. It is waste of time.
Try to win others’ heart. It is not now.
Instead of winning somebody’s heart, do which is correct.
Do mental exercise as well as physical exercise.
Manas goes faster than mind. So understand it and take action accordingly.
Don’t give money to anybody. Help others with your ideas or physically.
If you want to be successful always, follow dharma nothing else.
Never expect dharmam from others, do dharma.
A mosquito cannot understand the strength of a lion.
Never donate to one who is unfaithful to you or anybody.
Never believe such people who try to get others sympathy.
Waste not, want not.
If you spend 500 rupees for business, how can you expect 5000 rupees as profit?

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