Develop Nation

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Develop Nation

India is a large country. All the P.M.s are going to foreign countries and borrowing money for bettering this country.
They invite the rich countries to come with investments.
They promise them that they will be doing such and such.
Why can’t India develop itself?
As Gandhiji said we have 124 crore people. 124 x 2 = 248 crore hands. If we can show work, why can’t India be No.1 in the world.
Why the foreigners love to come to India? It is the largest country having highest population. This can give a very good market to their goods. Many of our products are disappearing. We only make our units sick and then eradicate them.
1. Alwyn company
2. Kelvinator is merged in Whirlpool
3. Godrej is merged in Electronux.
4. Uptron TV, Solidair, Dianora all disappeared from our market,

Reduce remuneration.

Participating people.

Linking rivers. There are nearly 100 rivers in India. If they are linked more and more arable lands can come into existence.

Waste lands are to be turned into arable lands

SEZ formation. In China SEZs are formed and people are employed to do those works. This is also a type of govt. job. For this selection only waste, un-arable lands are used. In such soils only industries are established.

Barefoot doctors/train compounders or RMPs

Market in taluqa HQ

Boats to cross rivers between villages

Encourage people to go back to villages

Think about next generation

The PMs are going to other countries to bring money. The debt burden of India is going higher and higher.

To develop a nation one should have patriotism, ours feelings, etc.

1. NSC bonds. These bonds if people buy if after 5 years double amount is given then also more money comes to the govt. Whatever interest is given is given to the public our own nation develops.

2. Bank interest 12%. If it is done people deposit their money in the banks. Millions of rupees come to the hand of the govt. if it really wanted to do something. People feel safe if the money is in the hands of the govt. If interest is utilized they are also happy.

3. Minimum Salary.
Minimum Wages guarantee
Every 25 kms maintaining road
As NT Rama Rao got plants planted on either side of the roads which they have grown up to trees today. Each person was given so many trees, a water carrying rickshaw, and plants to plant. It was a great success.

If minimum salary is issued to the people and employ them then human resource development becomes very high. We can stop brain drain of India can be saved. Even labour can also be employed in various jobs.

4. Population Control. That is the primary thing that the govt. should do. That was what Deng Xiao Ping of China had done. When he died nearly 30 crore children are stopped from taking birth. Even today China is following the same norms of Deng Xiao Ping of China. On 8-9-14 I have gone through a scroll which said that nearly 27000 people of china applied to the govt. to have second child. It was a centralized administration. The USA population is less than 30 crore people. Can’t they produce children? Russians can’t they produce children?

5. No Free. The govt. should educate our people not to ask for free. Already 68 years passed. Still if govt. goes on giving free, when these people develop. Instead of developing this nation, we are becoming more and more debted to other countries. Instead of developing other countries why can’t we develop our own country?

6. Think as per position. India is a large agricultural country.

7. Large Knowledge developing country.

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