Bhagavat Gita – People

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Bhagavat Gita – People

Om Gurubyom Namaha:

Om namah bhagya Laxmi cha vidmahe
Asta laxmi cha dhee mahee
Tanno laxmi prachodayaah

It is the celestial song said by Lord Krishna.

Bhagavat Gita contains solutions to all human beings.

Instead of solving all the problems of human beings he said the source of all the prob-lems of human miseries. If those sources are understood, solving problems becomes easy. It is just like instead of cutting down all the branches of a thorny tree, if its root is burnt out everything is smashed out.

On our behalf Arjuna asked doubts and Krishna clarified. It was one of the greatest friendships that the world has ever known or seen.

They were together for a long time. Arjuna never knew that Krishna had that much of knowledge. That was why when he expressed his miserable, wavering mind to Krishna, Krishna was laughing and telling him.
Tama vaacha hrushi kesa, praha sanniva bharatha.

Arjuna was in moha, that is excessive fondness towards his people. The motivation that was given by Krishna shuttered all his mohas and he himself rose taking bow and ar-rows and became ready to fight.

Bhagavat Gita is such a book that elevated Arjuna from the grass root level to sky high. It opened the eyes those were covered by dust.

Actually he came to Kurukshetra saying that he would do that or do this, but fell to the ground. He expressed his reluctance to fight against his own kith and kin.

Firstly ;
Common people:
They are
1. Not Serious in life activities,
2. Not Strong in will power, giving word to others,
3. No high ideals
4. No visions

Secondly ;
Too much commitment.
This leads one to become more and more slave. Such people are those who cannot help themselves. Those who cannot help themselves, can be used by others. These people pacify themselves saying that it is a good service. If we work, then god will help us.
These people have high feelings. They enrich feelings. Their feelings nature is the source of their entrepreneurship.

Thirdly ;
Eg., Brahmins;
Little knowledge. The ancestors gave a lot of wealth, fields, etc. Even then those people went to work for Rs. 20/- in those days. They sold out lands for
1. Conducting various rituals to imaginary god[s] 2. Concubines
3. Gambling
4. Iyyashi
5. No education
6. No common sense
7. No logic
8. Fatalistic

Fourthly ;
Eg., Ramya
Exploiting nature instead of progressive nature.
If life is given the receiver should well utilise it, pay whatever is due and come up in life. People who have very little confidence feel that whatever opportunity comes should be exploited. Who can see, what comes later.
Such type of people is in hundreds. Even if a chance is given she spoiled it.
Little people, little minds, little expectations, little desires, etc.
If a Rs.1 is given they celebrate that. Such little minded people are these.
The vydika Brahmins are worse than beggars.
They are shameless buggers.
They tell lies to quench their desires.
These gullible pujaris redirect the gods as they wish.
People are so foolish that they believe them.
Their belief is these peoples’ investment.

Fifthly ;
Eg., Feudal mind
They tried to exploit me on the name of friendship.
These people never help or guide others. They can go things waste instead of helping his own fellow men.
They don’t try to explain things to others. Whatever they know should be ended with themselves only. They say that everyone should learn himself. Whatever I teach may not be useful to him. Because of these peoples’ ideas every generation should start learning things from A, B, C,… for themselves.
If those western scientists did not disclose things to the world, how could these many subjects have come into existence?
These people if they speak even to their children also they are afraid of.
1. Sharma:- He never used to educate his children being the principal of a college. He wanted that his children should be afraid of like police standing in front of S.P. Those children after getting jobs left their parents never to return back. He used to take class on the use of money. He used to emphasize how to save money.

2. A Teacher :- There was a father who used to boast in front of his friends that his children were afraid of talking to them. If they wanted anything they should approach them only. When those became self earning members they never helped their father. Their father had been working as an attender and later died.

3. Louis XV :- He used to tell that after him only deluge.

Sixthly :
Work should be over.
These types of people, do not follow system.
Whatever is their wish they behave accordingly?
Coming on left side, driving without licence, no humanistic attitude, disturbing all the oth-er co-passengers, …

Seventhly :
Depthless people:
These people slip away. They cannot stand by anything. It may be due to
1. No confidence
2. Kbps where we can never store Gbps, or Tbps, …
3. Easy going people
4. Worldly people
5. Takers who can never give anything to others
6. Those who prefer govt. jobs
7. Little minded people
8. They only can do copy and paste
9. Those who speak without basic knowledge

Eighthly :
Irresponsible people:
My Father :-
He never used to say anything to anybody.
When I asked him to give me higher education, he said, “ if whatever I have is invested on you what will we eat tomorrow?”
Will the parents think like this?
If so how the world can run?
I : Why did he give birth to me?
Father : Don’t you produce?
I : never

That day I decided not to have children. Let everything whether it is good or bad let it be ended with me only. If every howla is producing children how the world will run.
If my son asks me the same question, what can I do?
I feel everyone should feel responsible towards his own people even in small things also.
We should feel elated by observing such people.
If there is a death in neighbourhood, and a functioning is going on how we should behave?

Ninthly ;
Trouble makers/creators
There are people who create problems.
They can create problems where there are no problems.
Why do they do it? It is a fun. They do not honour common innocent people. Their target is their game.
Eg., Terrorists who have nothing to lose or gain destroy this world, this country, the people, etc. Millions die every year. But their mentality never changes.
All the Kauravas were the trouble creators.

Tenthly ;
Trouble Shooters
These people shoot out their troubles.
They find celebrating whenever a trouble is shot out.
The military forces, the code breakers, the adventurists, etc.

Duryodhana was the trouble maker and Krishna was the trouble shooter.
Creating a trouble is easier than shooting a trouble.
Mao was one of the greatest trouble shooters in the world.
Indira Gandhi was also a trouble shooter.
The famous trouble shooter in the world were
1. Mao
2. USA
3. Einstein
4. Faraday
These people can also be called a type of scientists.

Eleventhly ;
Eg., one Saheb garu
Today I realised that still there are people who have been staying in 2013 AD talk about or dream about 213 AD. Who can save such people? They have been chanting whatever they have heard but never tested whether it can be practicable or not.

He is the owner of the house. He should act like an Alexander. But he speaks like a swami who can guide them. Instead of helping, others exploit them. One can become easy prey. Naturally others go ahead. His entire family also goes down. Because of my mother 5 families became orphans.

It may be due to their inefficiency, consequent failures, no proper guidance, etc.
They are not ready to accept their follies and take a new course.

In order to pacify his failures, he takes the help of religion. Whatever he heard that only is recited. There is no testing, no verification, no proof, no witnesses,…

If it is his case then what about those people who have been depending on him.

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