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Voice is of two types. 1] Active Voice 2] Passive Voice

Why should we learn voice?
1. When the subject is not know.
2. When the subject is known so we don’t use.
3. When the Object is more important than the subject.
4. While using Ethical values

Voice can be used only if the verb is transitive.
Voice cannot be used to
1] intransitive verb
2] present perfect continuous
3] past perfect continuous
4] future perfect continuous

Model I
If there is no helping verb – use helping verb depending upon the tense of the verb.
Object + HV + v3 + by + Subject + extra
Eg., He removes the garbage. Garbage is removed by him.
He removed the garbage. Garbage was removed by him.
She calls them to party. They are called to party by her.
She called them to party. They were called to party by her.

Model II
If there is helping verb – all present continuous and past continuous sentences
Object + HV + Being + v3 + by + Subject + extra
Eg., He is arranging chairs in the hall. Chairs are being arranged by him in the hall.
I am writing the notes. Notes is being written by me.
They are digging pits. Pits are being dug by them.

Model III
If the helping verb is has/have/had
Object + has/have/had + been + v3 +by + subject + extra
Eg., He has done it. It has been done by him.
Rama had killed Ravana. Ravana had been killed by Rama.

Model IV
Special helping verbs
Object + HV + Be + v3 + by + Subject + extra
Eg., They can do it. It can be done by them.
They will not do it. It will not be done by them.

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