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. , ; : / – _ & % ! ‘ “” [{( )}] ? = …

1. In the beginning of a sentence.
a. He is a boy.
2. Every letter in an abbreviation.
a. U. S. A. LASER
3. The names of Holy books
a. Gita, Bible
4. “I” is always capital
5. Names of Religions
a. Hinduism Christianity
6. Names of gods
a. Omnipresent Omnipotent He
7. Names of rivers
a. Ganga
8. Proper names
a. Khammam

Full Stop
1. It is used to separate a letter in an abbreviation.
U. S. A., A. P.
2. To write a word in a short form
No. = number, Dec. = December Govt.
3] At the end of a sentence
He is a boy.

1] To separate same word of speech if it appears three or more times
Rama, Gopal and Krishna went to school.
2] Before beginning inverted commas
He said, “My father is there.”
3] Where confusion comes
Kill him not, leave him.
4] Noun in apposition
Modi, the PM of India, comes to Hyderabad.

Inverted Commas
1] To separate clauses, which are a part of a sentence
He decided; not to take loan; not to take bribe; not to take liquor….
2] Chain of thoughts
First you earn money; then money earns money; finally name earns money. Reading makes a full man; writing, an exact man; speaking, a ready man.

Question Mark
1] At end of a sentence.
Is he working there?
2] with wh- or how- questions.
Who are you?
How far is Hyderabad from Khammam?
3] A sense of interrogation
So you are not the thief?
You mean I only murdered her?
4] Correct information is not known.
Jesus was born on 25th Dec. (?) according to Christians.

1] To separate words in a word
Father-in-law, co-operation

Quotation Marks
1] To say what other one said as it is
Washington said, “If you want peace, be ready for war.”
2] to say what some body said as it is
He said, “I will kill him.”

1. It is used to indicate that something is missing
Eg., 1. It is Rama’s book.
2] 08 – 01 – 2014 = 08 – 01 – ’14
2. hon’ble o’er, tho’, let’s e’er o’clock

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