Present Tense

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Present Tense
1. it indicates natural happenings The sun rises in the East,
2. to indicate immediate future I go to college.
3. natural colours The sky is blue.
4. taste Tamarind tastes sour.
5. smell It stinks
6. size Elephant is big.
7. shape Snake is long.
8. Number There are 29 states in India.
9. character The dog is a faithful animal.

1. If the subject is of
I person, [ I, WE] II person [ you ] III person plural noun [ they] verb is in V1 form.
I go to college regularly.
We play in the evening.
You pull it now.
They bring it here.

2. If the subject is
III person, singular No. [he, she, it, or any name] The verb carries “s” = Verb1+s eg. Brings, comes,
‘s’ can be added to only V1. We should not say wents, gones,…

3. Present continuous
To indicate an action that is in progress just then.
He is going to school.
I am writing the notes.
They are going to park.
4. Present perfect
To indicate an action that is just done.
He has come here.
They have gone there.
We have not crossed the limits.
5. Present perfect continuous
To indicate an action that was started, is continuing in the present, and will continue in the future.
I have been residing in Khammam since 1956.
Since – indicates point of time
For – indicates period of time.

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