Personality Development

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Personality Development

Accept advice.
Luz long gave Jessie Owens an advice to draw a line before taking the long jump. That advice made helped him a lot and he could win the gold medal in 1939 Olympics.

Accept your quota of ration/wealth/opportunities/etc is this world.
First accept then do what you want.
By accepting you can understand where you stand.
The how far high is the world.
Then how much you have to rise to meet the present position.

Life is full of challenges.
If you are not ready for them, the other supersede you.

The challenges in our lives are there to strengthen our convictions.

There are not there to run over us.
In life you have a choice : Bitter or Better.

The more you are insulted, the better respectable you will be.
People who can love you can only criticise you.
Criticism is boon in disguise.

Change every day
The population is changing. You body constitution is changing. Your ideas are changing. Your visions change. So accept change. Invite change.
Only one person cannot change. That is the dead body.
Already HDVDs are used in the market. Then how can you remain at floppy drive??
Every day we collapse physically. This we call aging.
Nothing in this world can stop it.

Common sense
If we start banana business buying Rs. 500/ and can sell that in two days how can we get Rs. 5 lakhs turn over???

Have desire but not greediness.

Experience is more powerful than any other type of education.

Failures boost our morale.

The lives of great people also indicate that they did not come up simply like that.

Abraham Lincoln failed 10 times. In the 11th time he became the President of USA.
Taimur failed 13 times before he entered India. After that he proved himself that he was the President of USA.

Edison failed 300 times before inventing a bulb. When the press asked him why he failed 300 times , then he said that he understood 300 ways how not to make a bulb.

Wright Brothers failed many times before inventing aeroplane.

Amitab Bachan failed 11 times before entering cinema field. Actually he was kicked out.

That is why Swami Vivekananda said, “Great is a man who learnt from others experiences.”

Innovations – Problem Solving
High level education is an asset to China.
Barefoot doctors [China] Cultivation of mountains [china] SEZ [China]

Water cultivation [Japan] Artificial sea [Japan] Beach into arable land [Japan]

Artificial Moon {USSR]

Live actions
Gandhiji’s life itself is his message.

Self analysis
Anything that can influence another fellow being can be something needed for Personality Development.

Self assessment

1] Most of the people have more desires, more wants,
but not ideals.

Their main purpose is physical benefits of this world. People have more desires, money mongerness, power mongerness, ….

They feel anything free. They are not ready to repay. When I said, if you take scholarships, and other benefits from the govt. one day you should be ready to repay. Students laughed.

I told them my example. If I die, whatever I saved will go to Indian Navy Force.

Secondly I said them that when I went to learn English I asked that teacher that I would pay when I start earning. When I joined Navy, I gave him a good gift in 1976. That day I really felt thrilled.

If you take Gandhiji he never craved for reputation, ad., accumulation of money, wealth, etc. He felt that he was destined to bring independence to India. It was a total dedication, single mindedness, purpose of life, etc. It was because of him we have been enjoying the fruits of independence.

Ch. 3 Slokam 21
Yadya daacharathi srestaha / tatva deve taro janaha
Sayat pramanam kurute / lokastadanu vartate

It was always the great people who do things and the common people follow them for generations to come.

But even common people being in the company of those great people get their ideals and follow them.

Vinobhabhave, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, etc. only to name those who followed Gandhiji.

So if one wants to elevate oneself, one has to develop idealistic attitude.

I saw a District Registrar called Prasad. He was an SC. But he never took the advantage of the benefits given by the Govt. to the SCs. He never allowed his children to take benefits from the Govt.

My great grandfather who was Jamalapurapu Ramaiah garu donated 500 acres to the poor under bhoodaanodyamam.

Puchalapalli Sundaraiah garu donated 350 acres to the poor. He even changed his caste name from Reddy. Secondly he did not want to have children because he would be made to accumulate wealth.

We don’t expect people to have ideals to such extent. What we expect is that they should be sincere in giving and taking money, disciplined for themselves, or be a human.
If people sell organs to others what to say???
At least they should be sincere with their family members.

2] People are not bothered about developing system.
It is because they do not know what to do after that.
They won’t be confident enough.
They may not know what is system.

Most of our PMs, CMs etc. so far have not developed system.
Their system is political based.
Because of this even after 67 years of independence,
1] The rupee value is deteriorating
2] India has become biggest consumer market to the west
3] Reservations
4] The weak have been ruling India
5] 90% of water is going waste into the seas
6] We are still in developing country
7] Instead of making scientists, we have creating godmen
8] Pakistan’s atrocities cannot be controlled.
9] No control on prices
10] Brain drain
11] Unemployment
12] Underemployment
13] No measures to reduce population explosion
14] FDI, NRI funds are dumped in India in lot
15] No security to our own industrial sectors
If this is the case with the rulers, then what about the common men.

Right from the Govt. to common man our system is how to exploit the weak.
Money is the priority issue to get works done.
Value has no value in this system.

Thousands of rules and regulations to administer the people.

3] Personality Development is needed to those who have personality.
Personality may mean one having one’s own “Yes”, “No”.
One having a definite aim if he were the CM or PM?
At least one should solve one’s own problems.
People who simply live, and die will not have personality.

4] See real problems in a realistic way.
People live in imaginative world.

They feel that for all the faults they suffer from
1] some extra sensory thing is working
2] if it is their karma, what gods can do?
3] they try to appease gods instead of starting from their house
4] they take up loads heavier than what they can lift
5] everything is predestined, so they need not run after.

5] Take the blame on your own shoulders.
It needs guts.
We are not ready to take blame on our own ignorance/ stupidity/ no-changing attitude/ god’s wish etc.,
If the whole society moves like this, no one can become scapegoat.

This is a way of escaping attitude.
When I my father why he gave birth to me once he knew that he could not educate him? He had no answer. He was not prepared for that. They used to tell giving them birth itself is a great task.

Because of brain drain millions of Indians are migrating to other coun-tries. Even if somebody wants to do research, there is no encouragement. Too much bureaucracy. That is why Hara Govinda Khorana went away and later got Nobel Prize.

Father has no face to talk to children saying that it is his mistake. Similarly the Govt., the leaders,

6] In India logic is missing.
India is a land of intellectuals, but what they need is loss of logic.
To solve the real problems, they worship gods, see panchangams, numerology, etc.
It leads to waste of time, money, but problems cannot be solved.

7] In India common sense is missing.
Nagarjuna Sagar is in Nalgonda Dist. But as on today there is no water to the people, for agriculture, …
Secondly there is fluorosis in the water of Nalgonda.
Many MLAs have come and gone. No action.
Many MPs have come and gone. No action.
Many Collectors have come and gone. No action.
So that is India.

Kasab can be killed with one bullet costing Rs.10/-. But Indian Govt. has spent 100 crores before killing Kasab. So that is India.

8] People know what to do but they won’t do.

It is because there is some benefit out of it.

Joining all the rivers of India, can enrich our agriculture, agricultural produce, even flood control can be done. It was said by Sir. Arthur Cotton, KL Rao, and even Puchalapalli Sundaraiah. We know that to do but we don’t do. Why?

India is the largest consumer market to the corporate. Why can’t we stop brain drain and well utilise our people for ourselves???

There is no proper child birth system. Why people produce these many people???
If we take Deng Xiao Ping became the President of China, he gave a slogan “one or none”. It was strictly implemented. When he died in 2005, at least 30 crore people were stopped from taking birth.

Reservation can annihilate intelligence. The country goes back. Most of the learned people can easily understand. But ????
Science & Technology needs cleverness but not Reservation. Who can change it?
Beggars, prostitutes, penniless paupers etc. if they produce children where can India go?

Every vinayaka chaviti needs crores of rupees. It is meant for 9 days. Is it re-quired to waste that much money???
Similarly Deepavali, Durgastami, Nagul Chaviti, and many more.
Recently in August 2013, thousands of people were washed away because of floods in Kedarnath. No god could save. They why?

9] Though local think global.

10] If you want to catch shadow???

11] Develop range.
Range is very important in life.
The difference between a rich man and poor man,
Intellectual and stupid,
Warrior and coward, etc.
May be gene, motivational factors, loss of encouragement, social coefficient, etc.
Social coefficient played a vital role om Indira Gandhi’s life. Being in the company of stalwarts, she learnt.

12] Leave begging, and begging attitude,
Everyday India is bringing in an average 100 crore dollars from IMF and WB.
When can we repay?
Is there is any proper planning?

13] Develop imagination
One can develop imagination being in company of great intellectuals.
Secondly one should understand

14] Have a purpose in life.
India is not poor, its thinking is poor.
In order to remain humble one goes in the act of begging.

15] Avoid our own enemies.
To avoid enemy say thank you whenever you get a good idea from his warning.

16] Be thankful to those who helped you.

17] Priority is always treated as secondary.
Instead of without work and getting rusted and disappeared it is better to be useful, and attenuated.


Quotes say
Humbleness – I can see far because I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors. Newton.
Dedication to work – when Gandhiji was asked why he had written such articles in Young India, he said that he would do the same even if he was released.
The faith in destination – have you failed thousand times, no problem, try once again. Swami Vivekananda
The determination – when Ji Jiya Bai said that her son would be a king not an employee in the court of Moguls.
People who can say a quote, are not ordinary people. A common man who can lead hand to mouth life can say nothing.

A quote is an idea that can change our life.
We cannot deny that a quote is a group of words.
The words are so powerful they can inspire us.
They light a small candle even in dark space.
The man who said that quote might have taken days, years, or decades to frame it.
It consists of the sayer’s deep dedication, sincerity, his broad mindedness to serve the humanity.
If we follow a quote, we can save our time, money, and life.
It depends upon in which field we are in.

For example
Inspiration – Swami Vivekananda
Business – Warren Buffet
Politics – Churchill
Economics – Marx, Keynes
Service – Mother Teresa
Independence – Gandhiji and so on.

Each quote is like a pilot who takes you to the destination in an unknown country.
Small people cannot understand its importance.
To understand something one needs high range of thinking.
For example Einstein’s quote cannot be understood by a business man.

I am more benefited because of those quotes.

In some cases the lives of the great people are exemplary to the next generations.
Their living style is a message.

The world is in need of many things. You choose one path, think it, discuss it, and dedicate your life to it. You will become a great man.
Eg., Gandhiji. His entire life he fought for freedom. Only one concept.

Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.

Wherever you are, you prove to yourself that you are the greatest. Swami Vivekananda

Don’t go about throwing mud at others. For all the faults you suffer from, you are the sole and the only cause. Swami Vivekananda

Desire is never satisfied by the enjoyment of a desire. The moment one desire is over another desire takes birth. It is a chain reaction. Swami Vivekananda

Take care of present and the future will take of itself.

Have you failed thousand times? No problem. Try once again. Swami Vive-kananda

Fear brings disaster, where as knowledge brings life.

If knowledge is not translated into wisdom, then that knowledge is waste.

If God answers your prayer he is increasing your faith. If delays, he is increas-ing your patience. If he doesnot answer, he knows you can handle the problem.

Working towards success will make you a master! But working towards satis-faction will make you a legend. Strive for excellence, be a legend.

If people say they cannot. Take it as a challenge to prove yourself. Swami Vi-vekananda

Know from the least born. Swami Vivekananda

Always be yourself. Express yourself. Have faith in yourself. Donot go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. Bruce lee

Keeping someone in our heart is very easy. But to be in someone’s heart is very difficult.

A lotus comes from the mud but there is no mud to it. Swami Vivekananda

The more you depend on others the better respect that we show. It is not the respect. But it is the dependence that makes us to be respectable. JK

If you love your duty, you need not salute all. But if are negligent of your duty you have to salute all.

Never trouble troubles, unless troubles trouble you.

Defeat the defeat, before defeat defeats you.

Life is like a mirror. It often gets misty with thefog of blind beliefs. But wipe it out with truth, you can see your picture clearly.

Leader is not a person who can perform better than his men. But the person who inspires them to perform better than he can.

Limitations live only in our minds, but if we use our imaginations our possibilities become limitless and life is to live, love, learn.

Everything in life has a beautiful ending. If it is not beautiful, then be sure it is still not the ending. It is just the beginning.

Succeeds breeds success.

Living assertively can also benefit our health.

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Roosevelt

You are worth it.
…you begin to accept your defeats
With your head up and your eyes ahead
…you learn
To build all your roads on today
…after a while you learn
That even sunshine burns
If you get too much
So you plant your own garden
And decorate your own soul
Instead of waiting for someone.

You learn
With every goodbye…


Things that are not of your personality
1. Your appearance
2. Your physique
3. Your beauty
4. Your style

Of your personality
1. Yours commitment
2. Yours way of speaking
3. Yours pragmatic thinking
4. Yours inquisitiveness
5. Taking positive side even in defeat
6. Yours observation
7. Yours problem solving nature

People are of two types

Those who change frequently basing on realities of life.

They believe in logic and scientific thinking

They are ever evolving.

These people travel with ideals.
They are highly confident.
They know what they want in life.
They face challenges of life.
They know how to give and what to give
They lead a simple life.
They don’t have false prestiges.
They learn from failures.

They are rigid. From birth to death they remain in their dogmas.

Theirs is belief system.

They don’t change.

They travel with necessities.
They have no confidence.
They don’t know what they want.
They don’t have guts to face challenges of life
They know only how to take.
They have lot of false prestiges.
They don’t learn from experiences.
All religious leaders.
A common man who fights for his de-sires
Who wait for alms
These people have no targets in life.

Development is possible only to those people who are prochangers.

If you want to do business.
1. Experience
2. Capital
3. Network
4. Liquid cash
5. Go for cash sales
6. Existence
7. Expansion
8. Empire building.

For development of your personality
1. You should know, not the cost of everything, but the value.

2. Not knowing management.
No risk, no gain.
Physically a millionaire, but mentally a beggar.
Not expanding mentally.
Enrich yourself larger than your work.
If you do not know learn, [Japan queen was trained how to be a queen]

3. It is not necessary that we should know everything.
For every disease, we don’t know treatment, so we take the help of a Dr.
Akbar did not know everything. He took advices from courtiers.
We cannot build our own house. So take help of a maistry.

4. Many people though they are in 2012, mentally they are in 212. What can they achieve?

5. Prioritise things.
We should know which work is to be done first, and which work can be kept pending for sometimes.
If we do secondary things first, and primary things never, we destruct our-selves.

6. Always solve your own problems.
Your should always develop, analyse, delete obsolete ideas, imbibe real time ideas, etc.
Then only you can remain in this world.
As Darwin said “Survival of the fittest”

7. Always rise from the grass root level.
8. Always evolve and do self improvement.
9. We sink ourselves to the bottom of the problems of the ocean and pray god to save us.
10. Every failure teaches, provided you are ready to learn.
11. Even if you are a thief, be the best thief.
12. Always have money command.
13. Do one thing at a time.
14. For R & D spend only 10% of your resources. So that even if you fail, nobody can understand your short comings.
15. Know your range. Know the range of other great people. This gap shows how much you have to rise in life.
16. Think big. India is not poor, its thinking is poor.
17. Never long for others items and declare ownership.
18. Try to see everything in pieces but on the whole.
19. You cannot run far from your own sorrow. Wherever you go it will be there with you.
20. Try to make all your weaknesses into positives or strengths.
21. Live every second.
22. Accept what you have.
23. Rise yourself mentally so that you can thank your critic.
24. First deserve, then desire.
25. Actually great people after long years of
26. Dare to be great.
27. Dare to be powerful beyond measure.
28. If I fail I try again, again, again, even for 100 times…to get up
29. The fight to survive makes you miracles.
30. I am not the trouble but I am the truth.
31. After getting into mire, if we shout for help, then who can save us?
32. India is not poor, Indian thinking is poor.

We are too big to be small or vice versa.
I am in the business of doing business.
Tough people don’t last, but tough business people do.
Winners are not chosen. They choose themselves.

If I fail hundred times still I try. If I give up then how can I survive?

The human spirit can handle much more than we realise.

It matters how you are going to finish.

Are you going to finish strong?

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