Failure leads to Success

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Failure leads to Success

Nirantaram jwalinche soorynni choosi, cheekati bhayapadutundi
Nirantaram sraminche vyaktini choosi, otami bhayapadutundi.

“Have you failed thousand times? No problem try once again.” Swami Vivekananda.

Every failure indicates that
1. You are not prepared well
2. This is not for you
3. Somebody interfered
4. The presentation is not upto the mark
5. You are not serious
6. One take is not enough
7. Lack of common sense
8. Not knowing dealing
9. You know theoretically but not practical difficulties
10. You are not mentally prepared
You realise and attempt once again you may be taken to a higher platform.
If you return back you are entitled to stand at a new platform.

That is why defeat the defeat, before defeat defeats you.

When we fail, the failure is the greatest one at that spot. But if we develop ourselves mentally, study the failure from all the angles we develop ourselves. If we can trace out the cause of the failure, it seems very small. That was that happened in the Long March.

Limited people can make all the others limited or small.
Fake personalities can create fake people.
Stupids can only make friendship with stupids.

Time is not continuous. Past is experience. Present is thought. Future is vision.

Asatyam changes fast. Satyam won’t change. That is why god is truth. Truth is imperishable. Science is truth. Truth means that which is eternal.

If we want success always, we should be truthful and follower of dharma.
If we protect dharma, dharma protects us.
Where there is dharma, there only resides the god.

Happiness is not mine, sorrowness is not mine. They always come and go.
What torments me is my own thinking. It is like a dog’s tail.
Success is not rich or poor, but it is only success.

Be ready to fail if we want success.
Lincoln failed 10 times.
Pandavas were tortured for 13 years.
Edison failed 300 times before he could invent a bulb.
Curie failed many times before discovering Radium.
Mao’s life is a life long struggle.
Ambedkar too experienced failures all his life.
Honeymoon’s entire life is a great struggle for inventing homeopathic medicine.
Marx’s life is itself a struggle to bring forth the realities of the society to the world.
Same is the case with the invention of the aero-plane.

If we see from the room we can see only a limited area. But if we climb a hill, we can see far. If we get in an aero-plane then an entire taluqa can be seen. So the range depends upon the platform from where we see.

Two people cannot commit mistakes. One is the unborn baby and the other one is the dead man. The success of the greatest people is their greatest failures. That is why such great men are alive even today. They learnt lessons from every failure.

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