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Facts are such they never need any proof. It is actual idea. But today Fact needs proof. That is why to prove Facts there are millions of lawyers.
Whenever you are in dilemma be silent. Be silent for days together till you become pacified. In that silence start retrospecting the past. Where you have committed the mistake you have to search for. Because of that you have been suffering. Our ancient rushies used to go to jungles in search of truth. We cannot get truth when you are in cities or merry making, or in depression or when you are in happiness. It is an unquenchable thirst to rise from the existing situation. Even Gautama the Buddha had to go to jungles in search of truth. He got enlightenment. What he learnt he taught to the people. It is already known but to bring it to the front in the form of words and sentences we have to churn the problem. For this investigation you have to recollect right from the childhood. Be analytical. Be impartial. Be unbiased. Then only you can get the gist of yours suffering.
Let it be scientific problem, as in the case of Einstein.
Let it be a social problem as in the case of Buddha.
Let it be a political problem as in the case of Mao.
The answer should come deep from the heart.

In most of the cases, what others say may not match to our thinking or problem. The best thing to keep aloof from others and like a rushi keep away from the society, lead lonely life till you get an answer.

The ocean must change wave but not a wave the ocean. All the waves are created in the ocean. Waves are the ocean but ocean is not the wave.
All the Scientists are people but all the people are not the scientists.
People are different but the atma is same.
Sweets are many but the sugar is same.

Living system is our mother like Sanaatana dharmam but religion is like a wife. We can change our wife or wives but not mother. In selecting a mother we have no choice. In selecting our wives we have our own choice.

Where Science ends then god enters.

We depend on many people, things, etc. for surviving in this world.
For treatment we depend on doctors, for food we depend on farmers, for knowledge we depend on teachers, and so on. So we should never say that I don’t depend on others.

We never feel frustration if we know gnanam. Before us people lived. After us people will live. Problems are nearly same, but stage/place is different. For analyzing our frustration, start from the initial stage impartially, then we get correct answer. Getting correct answer means, getting enlightenment. If we enlightenment we will not craze about this society.

Small people never think abnormally.

In a gold pot there is air. But the air does not contain gold air. A pot contains air. But the air does not contain dust air. Air is same but pots are different.
Worshipping is not required. What is required is implementability, practicability, reality, proactiveness, etc.
aaradhana kaadu, aacharana kaavaali.

We should see a dog as a dog, an elephant as an elephant. Though all are human beings their mentalities are of not humans but different. Lenin did the same. He allotted work according to ability.

It is not the physical personality but character that is required.

People like facts but they don’t practise facts. They are mad of illusions, virtual living. At the time of marriage I said that I should not have children. So parent offered their daughter to me. I told them there are many problems. Nobody is ready to digest the fact. The result I have been alone. We are habituated to virtual life.
If you want to come up in one field, one generation won’t be enough.
If we make friendship with small people, we can be very near to real life. If we are with great people we can understand range but very difficult to rise. So follow both the ranges.
If our range of thinking is too small, we will have to lose great many people of greater range.
Without our knowledge the time is dragging us far ahead. By the time we realise what happened it will be too late.
Before we fail, we feel that all are equal. The moment we fail, we feel that each one is different.
We know is different than we realise. To know clutch, gear, brake, and steering is one minute’s times. But we cannot drive a car. That is realization.
Generally women feel, and sentimental. A man should be more realistic and facts oriented so that he can drive the car of life well.
If the leader or the manager feels that whatever he says should be followed rather than truth should be followed then that company collapses.

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