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The people who have come to listen to the speaker are called audience. They are not only public but they may be even students. Content may be same but presentation is different.
We cannot definitely say that so and so is the best speaker. He should be more logical; ethical; emotional;. If we say in this regard Antony’s funeral Oration is the best. He never criticised; never praised; never lamented; but simply gave the facts to the public. The second one that I can mention is that of Churchill’s first speech to the Parliament of England that is worth rememberable even today.

They have come means that they are mentally prepared. They know what they are going to listen. They know what the speaker is going to speak. They know that they are mentally prepared to the speaker.

If we cannot concentrate means, the presentation style is not good. The presenter is not experienced. There may be no coherence in the expression. The depth of the subject is below the mark. The speaker is vague for he is not sure where he wants to take his audience ultimately. The speaker has no holding power.

The speaker must have holding power. He can gain holding power if he is a celebrity; has subject knowledge; power; is a winner; something. His attitude shows his altitude. If he is vague, people desert the place. So audience gather differ from subject to subject and speaker to speaker. The speaker

If Katthi Padma Rao speaks, lakhs gather to listen to him. People can postpone all their works. They never lose his speech. After his speech, at a few will be changed persons. People are tangible and compelling to his words. If he speaks some of them will be working on those words in such a way that what action they are going to take then onwards.

If Pullak Sagar speaks people will be spellbound. Pin-drop of silence they maintain. No police is required to maintain the people.

If Einstein speaks only scientists or science mongers will be in the hall.

If some officers speak, the audience to them because they have to because they have no other alternative.

If a CM speaks on the budget the people of that entire state because what changes he is going to bring in the state. It is because every pie is counted. They should assess in what way they are going to get one rupee or lose one rupee. It does not require the presentation style of the CM.

Millions of business people throng to Modi’s speech because they are more benefited. But that charisma is seen declined in the 2015 Delhi elections towards Kejriwala.

Sonia’s speech has no holding power because actions speak louder than words. Words last temporarily but actions speak forever. Secondly she is on the losing side. Thirdly she is not pragmatic. Fourthly her holding power is the least because she committed many silly mistakes.

Gandhiji spoke with facts and patriotism. Indira spoke with facts. Netaji spoke challenging the British.

Speak with purpose in the beginning.
“I came here to ask for you vote. There are three reasons why I demand vote from you. 1] knowledge of administration, 2] ability to rule 3] passion to be help.”
‘If you vote me, you will get 1] employability 2] prices decrease 3] worth is given the highest value.’
As Antony said, “Friends and Romans and countrymen, lend me your ears. I came to bury Caesar but not to praise him.”

Speak with words that touch the heart. Vivekananda’s words “Brothers and sisters of America…” like that nobody addressed them in the past. So people listened to him for 45 minutes where he was given five minutes of time.

Speak with a poem said by the author on whom we are going to speak.
Jashua, “Prathimala pelli cheyutaku”

Start with a challenge. As Ambedkar said, “I will be first to burn the Constitution if it cannot discriminate the inequality among the people….”

Never speak using hello.
Never speak with a joke.

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Rehearse well.
Feel that millions are watching you.
Speak slowly but with emphasis.

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