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It is the logical thinking to solve a problem

It is a must for male or female. It gives us the knowledge of day to day things. How to behave with the people, how to tackle problems, with whom to make friendship and etc. Generally people fail because of lack of knowledge of vyavaharam. Even if we are highly educated and do not know to deal with the people, we fail in life. When we sit with different types of people, many things come for discussion. We gain knowledge.

Once in England, in 1960 doctors used to meet to discuss different things on Sundays. In that assembly doctors used raise the problems that they faced in the last. If is way of exchange of knowledge. It enriches and keeps people abreast of the world. What one does not know can be exchanged from others. So in one occasion one doctor said one patient came to him.
Doc :- what is your problem?
Patient :- I have been getting severe stomach pain.
Doc.:- [ I tested in as many ways as he could. But he could not get the cause of disease.] [then he sent him to meet him after few days and gave some tablets] Sr.Doc. :- Have you checked in at so and so place?
Doc,:- No sir, I did not.
Sr.Doc. :- now go and operate at so and so place.
Next day the doctor called the fisherman and got him operated at that place. To surprise there he found a small piece of thorn of fish.

So in discussions people can understand at what places they are committing mistakes.

1. Do anything but be committed to dharmam. Dharmam saves our lives from fraud, court cases, face value, and many more.

2. Knowingly if we go against dharmam, the nature itself takes severest punishment. We may feel that no body is seeing. Even if none is seeing, ours consciousness is seeing that. It warns us that it is wrong and we should not do it.
1] Duryodhana knew well what he was doing but did a wrong thing of sending Pandavas to forests. In the end the entire Kuru dynasty was destroyed.

3. In general in certain families one won’t talk very less with the others. Their houses seem like lodgings. They come in the evening, again in the morning go as they like. General conversations, discussions, expressions, and many more are not there. There is no common vision except quarrels, misunderstandings, anger, etc. We cannot understand why do they take so much and so many grudges against one another.

I wanted to study M. Sc. and become a scientist. My father said “whatever little amount that he had, if he spent it for my education what guarantee would he had that I would see him later”. If he was not confident of me, then why did he produce me? Who asked him to bring me into this world?

My mother said, “You are shameless. We had cremated you and conducted celebrations. Still you are here in my house. ”

If we won’t develop others we don’t develop ourselves. If we cannot develop others at least don’t destroy others. If you cannot make, please don’t break.

4. If you do not know what to do you do anything but deposit all your money in the bank. Do not give it to anybody.

5. What property you purchase, never sell.
6. The future will be horrible. Except money there is no human value. People know the cost of everything but not the value.

7. This is the money world.

8. Chengiz Khan once said, “ even if a lion sleeps beside me I would go to sleep. But if a man is sleeping beside me I won’t sleep.”
Man is the most unfaithful being on this earth.
My parents are the best examle. I have never seen such parents anywhere in the world. If there is any Guinness book of world records for worst things in the world, then my parents top the list.

9. Giving birth to children is easy but maintaining equanimity is impossible. A swine also can give birth to children. Parents showing biased love, feeling jealousy of their children, not willing the rise of their own children, and many crack master generals like parents we find in this world.

10. Always be in the company of great people. Observe them whenever a problem comes how they can take an action. That is the easiest way of learning.

11. After 10th class, children should see for one year various fields. Then only they should enter for higher studies. It was the system in those days ours ancestors followed.

12. Once Brahmins were holding large pieces of lands in their custody. They were called doraas. They lost that due to
a. Lack of commonsense
b. Not understanding the ever changing society and its norms
c. No vision
d. Egoism
e. Stupidity
f. Greediness
g. Jealousy
h. Exploiting the innocent common people. It is this type of attitude which led to reservations, to special privileges to others.
i. And many more ailments have been the cause of their failure. Their failure is crest falling. Their fall into a great abyss is beyond imagination. None in the world can uplift them.
j. They are so small if we give them a rupee they celebrate it.

13. What I learnt.
a. Not to give heavy weight to some people even if they deserve them
b. Analyse them every day
c. Analyse them for every act of theirs
d. If we suspect anywhere immediately make them discard or keep away
e. Mind our own mind
f. Once I was following my own common sense and solved problems. The moment I started giving weight to others, my collapse started.
i. When my father said that he could not educate me, I decided to go to Navy
ii. With that I could see far and wide
iii. I learnt ranges
iv. The moment I started thinking “what people think” then my collapse started
v. My weakness is sympathy. Useless sympathy.
vi. What concern I got to think about the people of the world?
vii. I learnt that I am the most stupid person in the world
g. We should know where the stone pinches in our shoes

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