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If we sit in a room, we can see that room, a part slightly outside, items inside etc. If we can come out we can see the road, some houses, people on the road… If we climb a mountain we can see far more than the previous scene. If we climb a helicopter we can see far off places, the entire town. If we go in plane we can see far more. That means as we go up we can see far and far.

Similarly if we go deep inside we can see deep inside the object, into the molecule, into the atom and so on.

That means we should develop our ability to see far in any direction if we have
1. Natural instinct
2. Analytical mind
3. Subject knowledge
4. Implements
5. The thirst to learn
6. Encouragement
7. Age
8. Zeal to excel oneself
9. Failure
and many more things.

India is not poor, but its thinking is poor. In many cases people’s range is two times means nothing else.
We should always enrich ourselves. Things which seemed very big seem very small if we enrich ourselves. From generation to generation we have been advancing. For any generation if one thing is the end point, for the next generation it will be the beginning. Thus range can be transferred from one generation to generation in leaps and bounds. Life becomes more and more happy. This enrichment can eliminate ours small thinking.

If we take the case of a parent. He might have learnt a lot many things. It might have been taken him say 20 years. That knowledge he can handover to the next generation in a week or month. He can enrich his children keeping in the company of good societies. Even if he cannot educate, he can impart good social sense.

Range of thinking can be developed staying in the company of great people. Good teachers, swamijis, heroes, can influence those who come to them for learning. Brucelee was trained by IpMan. Nearly two lakh people got trained by Ip Man. Students range depends upon the range their teachers. Mao’s influence changed China completely.

First of all the great people enriched their range and later changed the range of the people of next generation.

Range develops if we fail. Failure is high road to success. Every failure teaches us something. Provided we are ready to learn. If we are afraid of failure, we never enrich ours range of thinking. To develop we should fail. If we are not strong enough we get to depression and then suicide.
So some said, “The more you are insulted, the respectable you will be.”

सुरखुरुर होताहै आदमी ठोकर खानेके बाद
रंग लातीहै मेहंदी पत्थर पर गिस्नेके बाढ़

This we can see in all the MNCs journeys. The so called MNCs were very small in the beginning. Eg. Sony, Tata,
America’s history if hardly 200 years. It was not all a No.1 world country. But today?
It is not in the size. Take the case of small Cuba and Japan and gigantic Brazil.

Range develops with the natural instinct or genius of great people like Einstein, Steve Jobs, Edison, Faraday, and many more. The common man takes an example of such great stalwarts to enrich their range of thinking.

Great leader can take a nation to a greater height. Because they have range of thinking, zeal to excel themselves and patriotism.

The range can be in knowledge, wealth, kingdom, influence, and many more.

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