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Vyavaharam It is the logical thinking to solve a problem It is a must for male or female. It gives us the knowledge of day to day things. How to behave with the... Read More

Manas – Alochana
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Manas – Alochana Manas has no place or location in our body. It is created as the mind functions. Great is the functioning of mind, great is the level of Manas created. If... Read More

Feudal Mind
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Feudal Mind People having the mind set of those days when there were feudal lords. They won’t express their ideas clearly. Whatever they say is different from what they think. They use people... Read More

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Mind & Manas Man has mind and manas. Mind is a good manager. It is logical. It knows what todoand what not to do. Even if we commit a mistake people say “mindless... Read More

Hello world!

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