Our Own Mistakes

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Our Own Mistakes

Somebody dominated us, thieved us, misguided us, made us fools etc. indicates that we do not know the subject, or we are outdated, or we are ignorant, or our own blind beliefs and many more.

Kedarnath – nearly 6000 people died in 2014. What god is doing? If god is everywhere why go that much far only to see the god? He is everywhere. We can see that idol anywhere. Except money the temples’ functionaries won’t bother about the welfare of the people. It is a great business. The weakness of the people is encashed. That is being exploited. Those temples become rich and rich. What about the common man.

No god could stop First World War or Second World War. The recent Israel – Palestine war. The same war continued for more than 60 years. No solution is found. Millions of people are dieing. Everything is done on the name of the god. Whether god created this man or man created the god?

It is very clearly shown in OMG [Oh My God] movie.

Old gods are continued and new gods are also created. The gods are of many varieties.
1. National gods Rama, Krishna,
2. International gods Jesus
3. Daily gods Monday-Shiva, Friday – Laxmi, Saturday – Venkateswara
4. Weekly gods
5. Seasonal gods
6. Yearly gods
7. Anti-gods Black moss,
8. Forest gods Sammakka, saaralamma, Mutyalamma, …
9. Soil gods
10. Mountain gods
11. Village gods
12. Historical gods
13. Purana gods
And many more.

All the time, money, discussions and valuable time of man are being wasted in these gods.

Americans don’t worships goddess Laxmi. Still they are very rich. Our Modi went to America to get funds from them. Similarly the richest countries like Dubai, Russia, China and many more won’t worship Laxmi. Why then they are very rich?

We have been worshipping many gods. No god could bring freedom to India except Gandhiji. Americans got independence because of Washington not of Jesus. Russians got independence because of Lenin.

No god has ever solved any problem. It is the scientist, engineers, technicians and many more men who solved man’s problems.

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