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Mind & Manas

Man has mind and manas. Mind is a good manager. It is logical. It knows what todoand what not to do. Even if we commit a mistake people say “mindless fellow.”

Manas is different. It is an entrepreneur. It is another side of the mind. It is just like a coin having two sides. It is always a vagabond. It cannot stop still for a second. It is very difficult to control it. discipline is nothing but different ways of controlling it.
Nahi khajjit kshanamapi pramaadi balavadrudam
Manas can sit still if it likes the work that is going on. It favourite people come. Anything that it likes. But if we try to control it, it bounces high. It wants freedom to think, move, control, love, hate, etc. there is nothing that it does not want.

Manas is misunderstood as heart. Manas has no place in our body. It is treated as a mad dog. It cannot keep quiet. It cannot stay on a given topic or subject except for few seconds.

Maharshi says
Kim swarropa mithi, aatma darshane
Avyaa bhavaa, aapoorna chitsukam.

మానసం తు కిం? మార్గనే కృతే
నైవ మానసం మార్గ ఆర్జవాత్

Manas is the other side of the mind. It is just like a coin having two sides. If there is no place in our body, how can we feel our manas.

As mind moves, thinks etc. in the same proportion and in the same intensity, manas is created. Great people have great manas and small people have small manas.

In a generator, if the rpm changes power output changes. Similarly the intensity of manas depends upon the intensity of the mind. Again there are many types of manas. Good, bad, noble, cunning, etc.
Eg., for bad manas Duryodhana, Sakuni, Hitler, Mussolini….
Eg., for good manas Arjuna, Gandhi, …

Secondly, there are also manas like male type, feminine type, animal type, mental type, terrorist type, etc.
Even if we train, we cannot change them. Eg., Pakistan. They invaded India four times. For four times they were utterly defeated. Even then they have no shame. Now they have been entering India as a terrorist. Even if Buddha sits and motivates them they can never develop.

Kauravas were severely defeated, caught and their plans were made futile. Even then Duryodhana could not be changed. Krishna personally approached as Pandavas’ ambassador and explained clearly the consequences of war Duryodhana could not be changed.

Thirdly manas according to castes. In villages if we say the name of the caste the listener can understand the state of the mind of those people. According to the caste goes learning, analysis, commitment, etc.

Fourthly man who always thinks about small things, with no vision, no future estimation, without proper project report, etc. can it be possible to achieve great things. ? Small thoughts can give you small ranges only. Great people think in a great way.

Fifthly manas always criticise others saying that he has not done that, she has not done this and so on. It will never accept its own mistake. See we came into this world. We have been playing. We have been playing in whatever style we like. Then why to criticise others for ours failure? We feel that others have not guided. But the funny thing is that very few manas are very small. Small manas can think about two times meals except that or beyond that. All have same 12 billion neurons in their brain but cannot go beyond certain limitations. They cannot reach to our standard of thinking,

On our behalf Arjuna asked Krishna in the war of Kurukshetra why manas
“నహి ఖచ్చిత్ క్షణమపి ప్రమాది బలవధ్రుఢం”
To that Krishna said,
“అసంశయం మహాబాహో మనోదుర్నిగ్రహం చలం
అభ్యాసేనతు కౌంతేయ … ” It guides a common to practice to control manas.

If we see a mother who tries to control a small child, who is restless, we can understand how difficult it is to control a small child. How restlessly the child moves from place to place. If something is given to him, he can be calm only for a few seconds or few minutes. Again the struggle starts. If the mother is not observing him, he will be somewhere in the streets. Again the mother should search for him. Manas listens only pleasing manners. It does not like threatening. If we suppress it at the same force it bounces back.

Ramana Maharshi says, “O! You are not a part of our body. But you dominate us.”

In technology, in power generation, we can observe one thing. There is a magnet. It contains copper winding. Nothing happens. The moment we create magnet rotating, automatically in copper coil electricity is generated. If we switch it off magnetic property disappears. In the same manner as far the mind rotates, or acts or functioning manas is generated. Manas is the byproduct of mind. The quality of manas depends upon the quality of mind. Negative mind can create negative manas. If the buddhi is constructive manas will also be constructive. The ideas of mind are created as per the experience and genetic roots.

If we say that all the human beings are same, then sameness we find in roti, kapada and makan only. If cannot be the same in many cases.

Manas is not heart. Generally it is mistaken. Heart is a blood pumping machine. It cannot think.

Manas wants everything. It wants every information. Every good or bad. There is nothing in this world that it does not need.

If it wills it is performed. To go, to come, sit, stand, sing, silent and many more actions can be done only if it wishes. Sitting in a room it can go billions of kms in a fraction of second.

Manas is a mystery!

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