Life Changing Quotations

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Quotations that changed My Life

The following quotations are some of the sentences which I digested and implemented in my life. Before somebody gives a quotation he might have experienced in life and said. The words are known to us. But we cannot frame a sentence like a quotation. It needs failures, insults, own experiments, and many more.
That is why we should read widely.
We should be in the company of the to know.
If we follow 10 quotations of 10 authors, we gain 10 x 10 = 100 years of experience.

1. Wherever you are, you prove to yourself, that you are the greatest.
Swami Vivekananda

This made me to work hard. To learn many subjects I began my venture. I started taking one subject every year and started studying. Without knowledge we cannot survive in this world. It is because I am a Brahmin. I cannot do a labourer’s work. As I started learning more and more subjects, my confidence level started enriching. Because of my knowledge, I always occupied higher place in a meeting.
I was photographer in A & N Islands. I did to the best of my satisfaction.
As a typist and duplicator I enjoyed on board ship INS Tir which was cadets’ training ship.

खुदी को कर बुलंद इतना के
खुदा खुद पूछे बांधेसे
हर तख्दीर लिखनेसे पहले
बता तेरी राजा क्या है

ఉద్దరేదాత్మనాత్మానాం ఆత్మానమవసాదయేత్
ఆత్మైవ హాత్మానో బంధురాత్మైవ రిపురాత్మన:

2. If people say it is not possible, take it as a challenge
Swami Vivekananda

When our ship was going to Mauritius, the aerial broke. We could not send signals to the shore. That time I was the junior most in the ship. The SCO [signal communication officer] made us to fall in and asked them who could climb and tie the aerial. No body had dareness to do that. I remembered the above quotation of Swami and volunteered to go up the mast. I slowly climbed the mast, tied the aerial and came down. Everybody was happy.
Secondly when the officer asked to maintain ship’s library, nobody came forward. I took it as a challenge and did well as a librarian.

3. Have you failed 1000 times? No problem try once again.
Swami Vivekananda

Failing is a common thing. We fail because we are ignorant of many things of this world. We should know why we fail. In this investigation we can find out the cause of our failure. Learn from that and go ahead up.
In Long March, Mao failed many times. They used to convene a meeting in the evening and discussed that day’s activity. Their study made them victorious in Chinese Revolution.
Thomas Alva Edison failed 300 ways before he invented bulb. The press asked him he failed so many times. He said 300 times it is not failure. He learnt in 300 ways how not to make a bulb.
Abraham Lincoln failed 10 times. In the eleventh time, he became the President of America.
It is not how many times. Whether we are successful or not, that is important.

4. Know from the least born.
Swami Vivekananda

By birth no body is small or great. For learning it is a work. While doing work, we should not feel from whom we learn.
Timur was defeated. He ran to jungle. He hid himself in a cave. There he saw an ant climbing up the cave. It fell many times. But it did not change its direction. Till it was successful it climbed up. When it was successful it went away. That work of an ant gave motivation to Timur. Then he pursued and successful at last.
Akbar came to the throne at the age of 13 years. He ruled India for 45 years.

5. Don’t see who said it. See what is said.
If there is logic don’t see who said it see what he said is useful to us or not.
We are Hindus. Cell phones are invented by Christians. If we say as a Hindu, we should not use cell phone that means there won’t be a foolish fellow than us.
For us to survive in this world, we have been learning from many people. We should be thankful to all of them.

6. If you want peace, be ready for war.
George Washington

This formula he used in the American War of Independence.
If we are ready always for fighting, or facing challenges then the problems disappear. After his taking over as the leader of the struggle within few years they got independence.
In India, it took 150 years to get independence from the English. In the beginning, instead of fighting to send the British away, our leaders were following PPP [pray, petition, protest].
Pakistan attacked India four times. If we followed Washington’s rule Pakistan would not be dare enough to look at India.
Allauddin Khilji cut that much of weight of flesh from the business man’s body that much what he measured wrong. It might have done it for only one man. That lesson made the people to never weigh wrong.

7. Great is a man who knows from others’ experience.
Swami Vivekananda

If we learn from other’s experience, we can save a lot of time, money and labour.

That is why we learn from teachers in a school, coach in play ground, expert in workshop and so on. Those who teach us might have learnt in ten or fifteen years. But from them we can learn in days.

8. Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.

Generally we feel that all others should do me favours. But we don’t do to others. The world has become one way traffic. If we really follow word to word, there need not be police, courts, lawyers etc. We say or quote but we don’t follow. That is why this much of unrest.

There are some more which I want to refer.
Resting is rusting.
Waste not, want not.
Help ever, hurt never.
Honesty is the best policy.

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