How Guru Comes?

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How Guru Comes?

Guru comes to us in many ways provided we are entitled to it.

1] Arjuna:-
Arjuna and Krishna were friends. Later they became relatives. They were together for many years. Arjuna never knew that Krishna was having that much knowledge.
There was war going between Kauravas and Pandavas. They assembled in Kurukshetra. Arjuna, who came to take revenge for plights caused by Kauravas, became pathetic. He came into Moham. He threw his bow and arrow on the ground and told Krishna that he would not fight. He asked him if he killed all his relatives what he would be gaining. For land sake he would not kill.
Then Krishna started him Gita. In 701 slokas he explained what he should do and what he should not do.

Arjuna said;

na kaankshe vijayam kRshNa, na charaajyam sukhaanichaa
kim noe raajyeana govindaa kimbhogaihi jeeviteana va

న కాంక్షే విజయం కృష్ణ, న చరాజ్యం సుఖానిచా
కిం నో రాజ్యేన గొవిందా కింభొగైహి జీవితేన వ

Krishna said,
అశోచ్యానవ్యశోచస్త్వం ప్రజ్గావాదాంశ్చభాషసే
గతాసూనగతాసూంశ్చ నానుశోచంతి పండితా:

Gita is a type of book on personality development.
No where Krishna told Arjuna to take the arms and fight. He simply clarified all his doubts. His logical expressions convinced Arjuna and he himself took the arms and fought.
Really Arjuna got such a great guru as Krishna.

2] Shivaji:-
In Shivaji’s case guru came in the form of his mother. She did not want his son to become an employee in the court of Mughols. She declared the same in their house. She developed him, in such a way, that he acquired all the qualities of a leader. He occupied 30 forts and declared himself Chatrapati. God sent Samardha Ramadas to guide him.

3] Tulasi Das:-
Tulasi das was fond of his wife. One day she went to her mother’s house. That time Tulasi Das was not at home. When he came in the evening he came to know that his wife went to her house. He immediately started to go to her house. That time it was raining heavily. He crossed the river Ganges and went her. She was shocked. She told him, “You have a great love on me. But this body is not permanent. If you have a small of love that you have on me on Rama you will become very great.” Listening to her he immediately left her, renounced the world, and became a saint. He became a musician Tulasi Das. He wrote 20000 kirtanas on Rama.
So in his case his wife became his guru.

4] Vemana:-
Vemana was a prince in a small kingdom. He was not interested in this day to day affairs. He was in love with Viswada, a dancer. He could do anything for her. One day she realized something. She wanted to change him. She Vemana she wanted an important item of his sister-in-law. Actually that should be given by any husband to his wife at the time of marriage. His sister-in-law gave it to him and advised him why she was after that non-permanent and ever changing body. He realized. He became an ascetic. He became a poet. He told more than 30000 thousand poems. In every poem the end line he used was

Viswadaabhirama vinuravema
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ
Viswada was his dancer love.
Abhirama was his friend who wrote all the poems said by Vemana.

5] Valmiki:-
Valmiki was a robber before he became a saint. He used rob the passerby who crossed the forest. One day seven sages [Saptarshulu] were crossing the forest. Valmiki stopped them and asked them whatever they had should be given to him. They said that they had nothing with them. But still he was insisting them. Then there was a dialogue among them.
Sages :  why are doing all these things?
Robber : to feed my family members.
Sages : you have been committing a lot of sin. Will they share?
Robber : they definitely.
Sages : ok. We stay here. You go and ask them.
Robber : [goes to his family] [he calls his wife and asks her] I have been committing much sin to feed you all. Will you share a part of that sin in the hell ?
Wife : why should I? It is your duty to feed us. How you bring we don’t know.
Robber : [goes to his son asks the same] I have been committing much sin to feed you all. Will you share a part of that sin in the hell ?
Son : Why should I? I am your son. It is your duty to feed me.

Then the Robber came to the sages. He narrated the conversation among their family members. He realized that he was in so much of ignorance. He requested them to show him the correct path.
The sages advised him and went away.
That robber became Valmiki who wrote Ramayanam.

We too meet many scholars, sages, saints etc. We have been listening to them. Unless those genes are there any amount of sandesam can not transform us.
Garikipati Narasimha Rao, Paripoornananda Swami, Tilak Sagar and many more. People listen to them but will they change? Will they realize?
గు = అజ్ఞానం
రుహ్ = పారద్రోలుట

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