My Achievements In Life

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My Achievements In Life 1. English [learnt English. I studied it like a TAPAS. I completed books written by nearly 30 authors. 2. AUTHORS I READ and HAVE BEEN READING 1] Irving Wallace 5] James P ’Donnell 6] Napoleon Hill … Read More

Life – Parents

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Life – Parents We are living in this world. The way we live indicates whether we live as valuable man, common man, addresses man, or etc., Life is a great struggle for existence. If we live for 50 years nearly … Read More

Generation Gap

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Generation Gap Marx said, ”Negation of Negation.” One generation contradicts with the previous generation. It is because of fast developing changes in the world. Life is a great struggle for existence. It is not a series of gig lamps symmetrically … Read More

Jeevitam – 9

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Jeevitam – 9 1. We should always have confidence on ourselves , experience, [prathibha]. 2. We should have vision [dooraalochana] for years to come but not bad thinking [duraalochana]. 3. Why should we degrade ourselves. 4. We always experience fear. … Read More

Jeevitam – 8

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Jeevitam – 8 RELIGIONS in the world are of two types 1. Ways of life 1. Hinduism 2. Judaism 3. Shintoism 4. Tribal religions 1. These have been fol-lowed by millions of people for centuries. 2. It was neither created … Read More

Jeevitam – 7

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Jeevitam – 7 141. We should all believe in logic but not in magic. 142. Because of Magic only there 3 crore Swamijis. 143. You should always have your own “Yes” and your own “No”. 144. All ways live in … Read More

Jeevitam – 6

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Jeevitam – 6 116. People having no other work do this social work. 117. All relations lead to suffering. 118. As Marx said all the relations are money relations. 119. The more you depend on others the better respect that … Read More

Jeevitam – 5

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Jeevitam – 5 91. At least he should come and meet me. He should give me correct offer. 92. What is wrong with these people? They are giving proper respect, weight, etc. 93. No one from Management side supported me … Read More

Jeevitam – 4

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Jeevitam – 4 67. You should have done it like this, or like that. 68. Whatever you do just discuss it and do. 69. In world we have to do things for ourselves or by paying to others. 70. Take … Read More

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